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Legal issues for digital audio companies – a presentation | broadcast

Oil and Gas Legal Issues PresentationGroup Members: Stephanie Polykarpou, Thelys Stamatelis, Lianqiu WANG, Quan Ke 2. Theme:“Choosing between Production SharingContracts, Joint venture and Service Contractspresents formidable intellectual challenges asto optimal and legal drafting ally discus citing typically clauses andrisk issues that may arrive”.

Content Introduction Joint Venture Product Sharing Contract Service Agreement Conclusion 4.

Introduction Definition of the “Contract ” Definition of the “Oil and Gas Contract” Types of The Oil and Gas Contract Cut-in Angles of the Oil and Gas Contract• Concerns of the Contractual ClausesCurrently• Contracts Forms vs.

Joint Venture Upstream Downstream Capital Supply Chain Intense Optimization Market Position Risk Concerntrate Regulation requirement Access to Resources Political Sensitive or Energy Security Access to Technology 7 13 Apr 2012 - May I utilize your presentation for educational purposes? Legal, Social and Ethical Issues This is an interactive Power Point for students Socio Economic Many people living in poverty do not get the same technological .

Legal issues for broadcasters in the digital world - a presentation at

Special Clauses in JointVenture Financial/Capital Management of Partners Taxes 10. In 1960s Indonesia proclaimed PSCs as the main type of contract in the oil and gas industry. Nowadays more than 40 countries use this type of contract.

Oil and gas legal issues presentation including quen inf - slideshare

• Exploration remains with thegovernment• State has managerial role• IOC responsible for costs• Profit oil is divided between thecontractor and the state 12 12 Mar 2011 - Using images in presentations – the legal issues paper color to make it white again), cropping the final art and giving it the clipart resolution .

Certain clauses:• Tax• Contract duration and commerciality6.

In such contracts there always aresome risks:• The host state does not own any risksat all• But. the intervention of the law• The host state also incurred somedisadvantages. Service Contract The background of Service Contract The type of service contract Risk service contracts(Rsc )and Pure service contracts (Psc) Differences between Rsc and Psc 14.

Service contract Service Contract Pure Service Contract (PSC) Risk Service Contract (RSC) Ownership Control Risk Ownership Control RiskForeign Oil No No No No No Exploration CompanyHost State Full Full All Risks Full Full All Risks 15 8 May 2012 - These are but a few of the issues covered in my presentation in Las Vegas. As in any other business endeavor, make sure that you know the .

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 With respect to the type of remuneration, the payment can be regarded as profit or fees. The method of the remuneration, on the other hand, is either a percentage of the production (in kind) or fixed amount (cash). Johnston Production Sharing Agreement‟ cEnTrE For PETrolEum min.  M Sa Riberio, The New Oil and Gas Industry in Brazil: An Overview of the Main Legal Aspects 36 TEx.  Michael Likosky, Contracting and regulatory issues in the oil and gas and metallic minerals industries (2009) Omorogbe, Y. The Oil and Gas Industry: Exploration and Production Contracts. „Risk-bearing service contracts in Brazil”, Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law 3: 114. “From concessions to service contracts”, Tulsa Law Journal, 27, p.

Colorado: Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation (2nd edition).