GETS Theological SeminaryONLINE DATABASEWith faculty and students wide spread throughout the world, Global Enrichment Theological Seminary strives to develop and provide an online library system to overcome geographic challenges and to provide faculty and students easy access to online information. (please obtain password from the Seminary office) » 6/2/2018 Commencement» 4/21/2018 Spiritual Theology class by Dr.

Sarah Zhang» 3/3/2018 Spiritual Theology class by Joyce Chen» 2/3/2018 Studies in Hebrews class by Dr. Kurt Teng» 1/1/2018 Happy New year!» 11/4/2017 New Testament Theology class by David Hsu» 10/3/2017 Perspectives and Leadership Class by Dr. Issac Chen » 9/16/2017 Studies in the Historical Books Class by Dr.

Edmond Pi's Understanding Mental Health and Mental Disorders workshop has ended. » 9/9/2017 Dr Edmond Pi's Understanding Mental Health and Mental Disorders workshop» 6/3/2017 Commencement» 5/22/2017 Dr. Lai's poetic and wisdom books workshop has ended. » 5/6-20/2017 Poetic & wisdom books workshop by Dr. Paul Lai» 3/31/2017 Open enrollment for 2017 Paris and London campuses» 3/11/2017 Dr. » 3/11/2017 Congratulations to the Paris campus class of 2017 graduates!» 3/4/2017 Congratulations to the first graduating class of Madrid campus!» 2/5/2017 Crisis counseling workshop by Pastor Mathew Tsai. » 1/6/2017 We are excited to have the New Zealand campus joining the GETS Seminary.

Open enrollment for the new campus!» 2016/2017 Our main building is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017» Welcome Dr It means that when you buy religion academic papers, you pay for sample custom To create such papers we need to hire writers with decent skills and But, if you request a religion dissertation and put tight timeframes, the cost of one page .